Saturday, 21 March 2015

No Truce in Old Age

I've uploaded an old backstory piece to the blog and thrown it into the 'Sample Scribblings' section (over on the right).

'No Truce in Old Age' was written for a group of Norse Historical Roleplayers who wanted a quick and dirty backstory to provide a shared history for the group.
The woman who leads them is fierce, wild and more than a little bit like Aude the Deep Minded (who I mentioned in an earlier post).
They wanted a grim little tale of shieldwalls and viking-era violence. Nothing complicated or clever, just a violent scrum, scribbled by a guy who knows what it's like to stand in one

Take a look in 'Sample Scribblings' on the right, and share it if you like it.

photo by Roy Smallpage

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