Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kirklees Priory - an Extract from Cutthroat.

'Cutthroat', was my first full-length book. It's something I threw together as a re-imagining of the Robin Hood ballads, portraying Hood as an enterprising career criminal on the way up. 
I re-wrote the plotlines from the Robin Hood ballads to correspond to the attitudes of the violent criminals I saw in my time as a police officer.
This extract (Chapter 10 of the book) is a reworking of  'Robin Hood and Alan Adale' into a heist, or a rescue, or a kidnapping (depending on your point of view). 

No heroes here; just half a plan and half a chance...getting worse with every line. 

It's in 'Sample Scribblings' (over on the right). 
Take a look, and if you want to, leave a comment, like or share. 

photo by Roy Smallpage

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