Friday, 20 March 2015

it doesn't just filter robots...

While posting up a few blogs by people that I've found helpful or inspiring I just had to include a link to the incredibly talented Lars Brownworth.

I've enjoyed his blog; Finding History, and his podcasts on the Norman Era for a long time.
I went there looking for inspiration for Norse reenactment a couple of years back, and I'll say that even if your thing is historical fiction or fantasy, over say, an actual history book, you can't fail to be entertained.
'Sea Wolves' is a great look at some of the better - and lesser - known characters from the era, and features one my favourites, Aude the deep minded, who ranks as one of the most interesting women of the age.
After her husband (who happened to be the viking king of Dublin) went back to the mud (to borrow from Abercrombie) she gave the concept of re-marriage the finger, led an army of terrifying Vikings and went off to put half of Scotland to the sword. So fierce was she, Brownworth writes that she was given a full viking ship funeral, the only women ever recorded as being honoured with one.

Funny thing: I meant to leave a comment on Lars' website today, and prepared to fill in the contact form.
I braced myself for the usual captcha form to filter out the robots, only to find that it doesn't just filter robots.
Instead I got five cryptic thumbnails and the instruction
'click on the Mosaic of Justinian to submit'
Well played sir, well played.

So do take a look.
The blog is in the sidebar, or at

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