Monday, 13 April 2015

Foresters Miniseries - Pilot episode

"Goddard leapt the ale barrels without breaking stride, vaulted the first table, dodged a chair in her path and slammed a drunk out of her way. 
‘Foresters’ she shouted, as if the mail and the harness didn’t give it away. She received a growl from the assembled, but no one blocked her. They knew better, spilt beer or no. She was the fucking law"

You'll recall that I was kicking off a new project - a bit of fun I'm calling 'Foresters'.
It's an episodic miniseries featuring a grubby trio of Nottingham lawmen, working one of England's most dangerous beats in 1191AD.

The Extract is the slightly longer-than-usual pilot episode to introduce a few recurrent characters.
It's big and brash and stupid but hopefully you'll agree that it's also a lot of fun.

It's a lot more 'police' than my Novel about Robin Hood, and this makes it a little more fantasy, a little less history, but think 'medieval cop-show' and you've nailed it.

As before, I feel the sudden need to mention that it is in no way a thinly veiled ramble through some of my own police experiences, seen through a flimsy historical filter (no, wait, that's exactly what it is).

Click here for Extract and enjoy, share, comment.

photo by Roy Smallpage


  1. Hi Tom. I really enjoyed this! I thought it was a great mix of action and character building and you did a fantastic job of bringing the down and dirty medieval setting to life. It's looking very polished already and on my reading I had very few editing quibbles with it. Splendid job! I want to read more!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this.I hope you find the time and enthusiasm for more..

    1. Thanks Gray, am midway through ep2. Don't quite think it'll be one a week, but close.